The original Power Butter in the perfect, 17 oz size. Perfect for squeezing in extra calories while eating clean. Put it in your protein shake, simply eat it with a spoon, or create your recipe. The only issue with this size is you'll wish you bought more.


For the big guys and weekend warriors only. 2 whole pounds of Power Butter destined to give you the gains you need. Providing no bloat, no sugar crash, sustained energy, & improved focus.

PowerBites (10 bites)

Whether you are craving a late night snack or have an all day tournament ahead, PowerBites has you covered. Made with the base ingredient of Power Butter, this portable convenient snack provides a boost of calories.


You asked, we answered! Calling all chocolate lovers! A delicious twist on the original replacing our dark chocolate chips with 100 GRAND BAR! Same great taste, same great gains. Order while supplies last!


It is just like your favorite protein bar, but WAY better. We packed 850 calories & 30 grams of protein into each bar. Take it with you wherever you go & never miss lunch again with this MEAL REPLACEMENT BAR!



Pinnacle Power Butter was created out of the search for a nutrient dense health food that would provide sustained energy and lasting performance. With 40+ years experience training athletes to fuel, perform, recover, and repeat, our team created Pinnacle Power Butter as a clean food source that is both affordable and easy to consume.


Our formulas can be used in a variety of recipes or by themselves. Our mission: to provide consistently great tasting, highly nutritious foods for driven individuals who are striving to reach their own Pinnacle.



Containing six natural ingredients, Pinnacle Power Butter, PowerBites, and the Performance Bar are designed for athletes looking for a high calorie macronutrient food source. Proven effective in helping athletes gain muscle and meet their nutritional needs!  Power Butter consists of the following ingredients: Peanuts, Beverly UMP Protein, Coconut Oil, Dark Chocolate Chips, Honey, and Flaxseed Meal.



As a college football player, I am always on the lookout for high quality calories on a budget. PowerBites not only taste great, but they’re very convenient. I’ve been able to gain quality pounds during two a days and maintain peak body composition throughout the season. PowerBites have been a game changer! 

My son is an aspiring basketball player who is in the middle of a growth spurt. It’s always a challenge to have high quality food options in the house that also fill him up. Not only does he love PowerButter, he’s got the whole family hooked! We’ve found multiple uses for it and have seen increased energy levels for the entire family!

I’m an active duty member of the US Navy, and I’m an avid user of Pinnacle Power Butter. It’s convenient, tastes great, meets my nutritional demands, and is the best price-per-calorie real food I’ve ever found. It’s in my pack every single day. I highly recommend their product line to anyone looking for a comprehensive food to promote total health and wellness!

As a licensed nutritionist, I am a strong supporter of educating the athletes in my organization about the benefits of eating clean, nutrient dense foods to boost their performance & recovery. I am thrilled to be able to recommend PowerButter and PowerBites to our players as an alternative to supplements. The products are easy to consume & provide sustained energy and focus without a sugar crash.